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How International is the Internet?

Posted in A word from the author with tags , , on March 26, 2009 by evd101

By Erik L. van Dijk

How international is the internet? One of the better Dutch international news reporters, Bert van Dijk (same name, but no family as far as I know) who is based in Shanghai, China, wrote a nice column for our local financial newspaper. He showed quite convincingly that internet is actually not international at all. In every country, especially so when language is still a barrier, people seem to concentrate on home-made providers that bring them internet services or products. This is actually strange, because if there is one area in the world where location should be less of a factor, it should be the internet world of course.

After adding a flagcounter to our site some 10 days ago, we do of course have the opportunity now to do similar type of research with our website. Where do people come from and to what extent is this is inline with expectation?

Well, the bulk of our readers come from the US. Still the biggest market for finance-related blogs. Also the market with the largest amount of online people. The percentage of 59.7 percent is not strange either. We can imagine that size of the country is a factor when writing a financial blog. However, relative size of the exchange and interest of people in the stock market, is somewhat above average too here in the US.

If we use the US market weight as a proxy for its importance, there is still an overweight because the US is in terms of marketweight not more than 40-45 percent. That the Netherlands are in a good second place is less remarkable than it might seem to some outside observers. We are Netherlands-based and have our big network here. With a percentage of 16.1 percent Holland is a clear number 2. Great Britain 4.8 percent, Canada 4.8 percent and France 3.2 percent did also score noticeable sores.

There were 12 nations in total interested in what we do. New Zealand, Trinidad and Tobago and India represent the English-language market that has a total weight of around 75 percent. In other words: writing in English is indeed international. But for three quarters of your effort the crowd will be local, AngloSaxon.


Of course, our blog is highly technical and it could be that the country factor is less important when dealing with other topics. But it does remain true that  – when markekts are somewhat stressed and weird – a blog like ours still triggers first and foremest the interested readers in UK-US related markets. It will be interesting to see how that percentage will develop now that we also added Twigger to our repertoire of instruments.


Talk to you tomorrow after finishing my next contribution to this blog.


Tomorrow a big story again. Today I wanted to just confirm Bert van Dijk’s story. The INTERnet is more of a LOCALnet. International providers that feel that they have to send their clients something, are better advised to think globally but provide reports etc locally.


All the best, with tomorrow a big story again. English is a lingua franca for sure, but it is not yet so that the internet crowd reads heavy stuff like our stories full-fledge online.

That might be the case with one-liner stuff like at the Twitter. but that is not what we are doing here.